In our daily existence we give and take space with our every movement.

We inhabit spaces as they too inhabit in us. This blog nudges us to notice the nature of public/shared spaces and how we correspond to them.

Do we compromise the nature of ourselves in order to fit into the world around us? And how can we create more spaces that allow us to be, rather than requires us to be?

What do 'free to be' spaces look like, do they have to be in four walls? Initially I thought yes, its fundamental to have a place, a room, a centre, something was needed to create space. Was I to wait till the day I have a centre for learning then start affecting change? No, I could already harness the space, and hold it, wherever I am.

Continually recognising the ability we have as individual forces to create space, I started to consciously practice being the space I wanted to experience. Through my attention and acknowledgement of people and presence, space was provided. Using symbolic boundaries of intention and/or materials kept the space contained and strengthened. I'm interested in spaces that hold an atmosphere of regard and allowing. That reflect the womb of nourishment and pure intent encouraging our true expression, with a feeling of security to expose parts of oneself that maybe laying dormant.

In our current landscape we will notice many neutral spaces that are here for us to experience. Find ways to play and create with space. Notice the effect space has on us and the power we have to affect space.

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